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“Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.”

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Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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“Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.”


Early Childhood Assistant Diploma
36.5 weeks program
include 250 hours practicum.

Upon completion of ECA program at DMCC, the students are able to work as Early Childhood Educator Assistant, Child Care Worker, Day Care Worker/Assistant & Home Care Providers

Don Mills Career College graduates become child care professionals, who can work in diverse groups and accomplish complex objectives. We guide our students to a new level of creative and analytical thought from which they can envision new business approaches and possibilities, transforming challenges into opportunities. /Assistant & Home Care Providers

Modules Included:

Early Childhood Education Programs in Canada

This module provides an overview of early child development programs in Canada. Students gain an understanding of early childhood settings for young children and the issue of quality from the perspective of children, parents, early childhood educators and society.

Early Childhood Practitioners Role and Work Environment

The principles of professionalism in the child care field are vital. Students are presented with the professional expectations of early childcare workers, including the child care practitioner’s roles and responsibilities, attitudes, ethical standards and advocacy issues in their work environment.

Early Child Development

A basic understanding of the physical, social, cognitive, emotional, language, development of growth from conception through middle childhood concept is discussed from the multicultural perspective.0

Assessing Children's Development through Observation

In this module students understand the concept of observation and a variety of approaches and documentations that practitioners use in the child care field.

Guiding Social Behaviours

This module introduces the guidance techniques, age appropriate approaches and teachers /caregivers/parents styles. Students gain an understanding of various cultural influences on child behaviour and the discipline strategies.

Early Childhood Education Curriculum

This module introduces various approaches to curriculum and will examine theories of child development in early childhood program.

Health, Safety, Nutrition and Child Abuse

This module looks at various factors that affect Children's Health, Safety, Nutrition and Child Abuse. The students gain information about Canada Food Guide, Child Aid Society, W.H.I.M.S, and Day Care Policies and Procedure about Health and Safety.

Communication, Human Relations and Developing Career

In this module student learn the importance of communication and human relations in their work environment. The students are presented with skills to improve their proficiencies in written, verbal and nonverbal communication in their workforce.

Practicum 250 hours

The Early Childhood Assistant Program was designed to equip professional childcare workers with valuable childhood knowledge, professional skills, and practicum experience for child care assistants in child care or early learning centers. It was developed to give early childhood students an overview of the job related responsibilities and opportunities to utilize and perform those skills. This program provides fundamental skills needed for students those looking forward to continue their professional growth in an Early Childhood Education Program.

International Students Second Career
    Admission Requirement:

      Over 18 years old / grade 12

      Write Entrance Test if required

      Submit any Educational Assessments

      Complete Financing requirements

      Fill the Registration Form

      Meet the Program Requirements

      VSS police clearance required

      Medical Certificate required

      Note: VSS police clearance certificate and Medical Certificate required before the practicum.

      International Student must pass :

      TOEFL 535 or

      IELTS 5 band or

      ITB 70 or

      PET 50 or

      If students have achieved Intermediate Level 4 at International Language Schools of Canada.