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What is the visa interview like?

There are many different methods of applying for a Canadian visa. In some countries, you can drop your visa application and materials in a drop-box. In others, it is possible to mail in the application. In many countries, an interview is required.

The Canadian consul who interviews you is required to determine that your documents are genuine, that you intend to enrol as a full-time student, that you have enough money to support yourself and will not need to use the Canadian social welfare system, and that you intend to return home after you finish your studies.

The consul may ask a variety of questions, such as:  Where are you going to study?
 What are you going to study?
 How will you use that degree/diploma in your home country?
 Is this the first time you are applying for a student visa?
 Have you ever traveled to Canada before? If yes, what did you do there?
 Do you plan to remain in Canada after your studies?
 What qualifies you for the studies you are going to undertake?
 Does your family (or other financial sponsor) really have enough money to support you?
 Are any members of your family currently living in Canada? If yes, what are they doing there?
 If you are married, is your spouse going to travel with you? What about your children, if you have children?
 When do you plan to finish your studies?
 What will be your first destination in Canada?

Contacting Don Mills Career College For Health, Business and Technology By Mail / Phone / Fax:

If sending any correspondence by mail, allow sufficient time for mail to be delivered to Canada. Most items typically require 10 days to two weeks from within Canada and even more time when sent from other countries.

The consul who interviews you may be overworked and tired, and probably has many people to interview besides you, so the consul may or may not be friendly, and may or may not ask you several questions. It is important to convey a positive personal impression when you interview with the consul, so that the consul doesn’t deny the visa to you for “personal” Reasons. Conveying a “positive impression” means such things as:

 Be clean and neat in your appearance.
 Look at the consul when talking with him or her.
 Answer questions directly and honestly.
 Certainly, do not make any untrue statements.
 Answer only the questions asked.
 Smile.

You might ask:

I am nervous about applying for a visa. What are the reasons that visas are denied? The two main reasons visas are denied are Inadequate financial support and Failure to prove “non-immigrant intent.” If the consul believes you do not have enough money to be a full-time student, the consul will not issue you a visa. It is important to take proof of your ability to pay for your tuition, fees, living expenses, books, and health insurance. Usually a bank statement or a letter from your department (if you have a graduate assistantship) will be sufficient.

Proving “non-immigrant intent” means that you need to be prepared to convince the consul, if s/he asks you, that you intend to return to your home country after you finish your studies in Canada. The law requires a consul to deny a student visa to anyone the consul believes intends to remain in Canada permanently.

You will be in a good position to prove “non-immigrant intent” if you have a job in your country you will return to, or if there is a good chance you can get a job in your country with the degree you will receive from our College, or if you have close family members there (parents, spouse, children), or if you own property there.

What if my visa is denied? Ask the consul to give you a written explanation for the denial. Contact our Admissions Office immediately to explain what happened and mail us the written denial. Give us the date and place of the denial and, if possible, the name of the consular officer who issued it. Sometimes, if it is clear there has been a simple misunderstanding, or if your documents were not acceptable to the consul, we can provide the additional information needed to help you get the visa. Sometimes, though, our Admissions Office can do nothing to help. The law concerning student visas gives consular officers very wide latitude, so their decisions can seem arbitrary.

International Student Refund Policy. International students who are applying from outside or within Canada and are granted a study permit will not be refunded under any circumstances. If any tuition fee is paid in advance, it can only be refunded when the student submits their refusal letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Don Mills Career College ONLY accepts the refusal letter from IRCC. As soon as a student is granted with their study permit, (regardless to if he/she comes to Canada or not) we are unable to provide you with a refund. The tuition fees are non-transferable.


International and local students can transfer from other schools to DMCC and receive a Letter of Admission for immigration purposes. Students can register and receive our discounted package. Students who are dismissed will not be eligible for a refund. International students who wish to change schools are required to notify us 30 days prior to departure. The first month of study will be non-refundable regardless to the student is attending classes or not. If you choose to withdraw from DMCC, we will require proof that your VISA status is lawful. You are required to show your Boarding Pass if you are leaving Canada earlier than anticipated. Alternatively, if you are attending another academic institution, you are required to re-apply for a new study permit and you must provide DMCC with valid documentation to demonstrate your eligibility to stay in Canada. Students who have applied through an agent are required to contact their agent for information on any possible refund process.

Cancellation after start date

Up to 10 % Program Completed 50% unused tuition refunded

Up to 40 % Program Completed 30% unused tuition refunded

After 40 % Program Completed 0% unused tuition refunded

If your application is rejected by IRCC then you have 90 days to request a refund. Students who are rejected may have an option to reapply for a study permit. In which case you will be charged a second non-refundable admission fee. Students may deposit any amount; the total amount will be shown on the letter of admission. DMCC requires at least one-month tuition fee to be deposited in advance.

1. Full tuition fees will be refunded if for any reason the course is not conducted by DMCC (course cancelled).

2. A minimum of 5 weeks is needed for the processing of refunds.

3. No interest is charged on any refund payments.

4. No refunds will be provided if students have postponed the start of their course in Canada.

5. All refunds are made subject to the approval of the school board. Please note that in the case of a refund, DMCC will deduct a bank transfer charge, a service charge and other applicable fees from the students tuition amount.

Post-Graduate Work Permit Please be aware that unfortunately, international students who graduate from diploma programs at Private Career Colleges (including Don Mills Career College) are not eligible to receive a Post-Graduate Work Permit. While we are hoping that this policy may change in the future, if you are seeking a Post Graduate Work Permit, we recommend you research and consider a publicly funded college.

Don Mills Career College have put progressive strategies in place to ensure learning innovations and industry advancements. For experiential learning, and increasing success initiatives, we are able to prepare our graduates to move beyond the classroom with the skills necessary to succeed in a modern job market. It is our pleasure to serve /welcome new students from throughout Canada and the world. DMCC invite you to use the website to explore for further information about the college. We have much to offer and looking forward to see you in our classrooms.

We hope you will join us and choose Don Mills Career College as the place to begin or continue your educational journey.

NOTE: If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide required information and looking forward to assist you at any time.

Important Information for International Students

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Toronto is one of the most accessible cities in North America. We are only a one hour drive away for about five million Canadians and within a 90-minute flight for 60 per cent of the U.S. population. Once you arrive in Toronto, the city is easy to navigate with a strong grid street layout, one of the most extensive public transit systems in North America and a large number of attractions concentrated in a walk-able down town.

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